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loan status inquiry

1. scope of application:

individuals who inquire about housing provident fund loan information in shanghai.

2. place of application:

district management departments of shanghai provident fund management center.

3.application requirements:

(1).the original id card must be provided if the deposit is handled by the employee himself.(hong kong, macau and taiwan residents provide the original travel permit for hong kong, macau residents, the mainland travel permit for taiwan residents, or the original residence permit for hong kong, macau and taiwan residents; foreigners and persons who have obtained permanent residence provide original passports)

(2).if the employee entrusts his spouse or direct blood relatives to inquire, the original id card of the trustee and the client ,the original enquiry power of attorney signed by the client ,the original proof of the relationship between the trustee and the client , must be provided.

(3).in other circumstances, if entrusted by the person for inquiry , the original notarized power of attorney(the relevant entrusted matters should be specified in the power of attorney) , the original id cards of the trustee and the client , must be provided.

4. handling process:

individuals provide the necessary materials--inquiry and acceptance of outlets--the outlets issue "inquiry form for personal housing loan of housing provident fund".

5. processing time limit:

if all the requirements are complete, it will be done on the spot.