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personal housing loan consultation

1. consultation channels:

(1). district business departments of shanghai housing real estate financing guarantee co., ltd, business outlets of entrusted bank of housing provident fund personal loan ,district management departments of shanghai provident fund management center.

(2). 12329 housing provident fund service hotline.

2. consultation content:

(1).loan conditions: loan qualifications, including loan object, housing provident fund payment and deposit requirements, age and loan guarantee requirements, etc.;

(2).loan policy: including limit standard, term, interest rate, purpose and repayment method, etc.;

(3).handling process: including handling content, handling outlets, handling requirements, handling cycle and handling progress, etc.;

(4). relevant calculations such as trial calculation of loan amount and repayment plan;

(5). other consultations related to provident fund loans.

3. time limit for reply:

respond to the counter and telephone consultation on the spot.