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loan maturity reduction

i. application conditions:

1. those who have made partial repayment in advance within one year before the loan reduction, and the amount of repayment in advance is no less than 6 times the principal and interest due in the previous period, can apply for loan reduction;

2. the loan does not have the principal, interest in arrears, principal penalty interest, interest penalty interest, expenses needed to realize the creditor's right, losses caused to the lender due to the borrower's default and all other expenses payable;

3. the loan term before the change shall be more than 1 year (excluding 1 year);

4. mortgage real estate that can carry out the registration of real estate has turned the advance registration of mortgage into the registration of mortgage;

5. the borrower shall meet the following conditions:

(1) normal payment and deposit of provident fund;

(2) the provident fund account is unique and not frozen;

(3) having a stable and legal source of economic income and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan;

6. the remaining loanable period after shorting shall be calculated according to the repayment ability of the borrower who pays the housing accumulation fund normally and the joint borrower when applying for the reduction period, of which the shortest loanable period shall be the loan balance /(monthly payment deposit base * repayment ability coefficient). if the account status of the joint borrower is abnormal, it shall not be included in the calculation of repayment ability; the total maturity of the loan after the reduction shall not be less than one year (excluding one year).

7. other conditions stipulated by the municipal public provident fund management committee or the municipal public provident fund center.

ii. handling place:

1. loans accepted before august 1, 2020:

if the business branch of shanghai real estate guarantee property financing guarantee co., ltd. involves the alteration of portfolio loan, it shall first go to the original lending bank branch for the examination of the alteration of commercial loan part.

2. loans accepted after august 1, 2020:

the original loan acceptance network.

iii. requirements:

1. identity certificate: the original id card of the borrower; for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents, the original mainland travel permit for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents, mainland travel permit for taiwan residents or residence permit for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents shall be provided; original passport for foreign nationals and those who have obtained permanent (long-term) residence abroad; for people from hong kong, macao, taiwan and foreign countries, provide contact information (name, id number and contact information) and identification certificate in china;

2. provident fund loan contract: the original provident fund loan contract.

3. proof of prepayment: the corresponding certificate of prepayment.

4. property right certificate: the original registration certificate of real estate right certificate.

5. other materials required by the municipal provident fund center.

iv. personnel present:

borrowers. for those who cannot be present, the notarization certificate issued by the notarization institution (the notarization certificate should specify the relevant matters entrusted) and the original id card of the trustee should be provided.

v. procedures:

1. loans accepted before august 1, 2020:

pure provident fund loan: apply for change -- sign the change agreement -- change approval -- change handling;

portfolio loan: go to the original lending bank branch for commercial loan modification review -- go to shanghai real estate guarantee property financing guarantee co., ltd to apply for modification -- sign the modification agreement -- review and approve the modification -- complete the modification.

2. loans accepted after august 1, 2020:

request for variation -- sign the variation agreement.

vi. time limit:

the time limit for approval of pure provident fund loan materials is 10 working days if the procedures are complete; the time of the portfolio loan involving commercial loan shall be subject to the time agreed by the bank, and the approval time of the provident fund part shall be 10 working days.