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spf official wechat awarded title of “top 10 wechat” by service function

the 2015 top 10 shanghai wechat contest, hosted jointly by tencent shanghai website and the big data & communication innovation laboratory (t-lab) of shanghai jiaotong university’s media & design college, came to a conclusion of late, and spf official wechat was ranked among the 2015 top 10 shanghai wechat public accounts as the top 10 wechat by service function, after appraisal by the expert panel.

the expert panel weighed in mainly on features of the service functions of the wechat public accounts, such as novelty, originality, usability and interactivity. as a result, spf official wechat won recognition of the expert panel.

spf official wechat was launched on 18 october 2015, with initial rollout of service functions such as queries to information about new provident fund policies, pertinent services, personal accounts, and queuing status of the service outlets in tandem with the real time provident fund account number query, and gained a chorus of attention and recognition of the vast end users. so far it has attracted the attention of 280,000 followers. the users benefiting from real time account number query via the wechat access aggregated 250,000 person-times. the average reach of the wechat messaging accounted for above 50% of the audience.

in future, spf official wechat will keep up launching more useful functions to practically meet the needs of the vast paying employees.